CFI’s HBCU Tour initiative is to provide onsite engagement and direct contact with faculty, staff, alumni and students of our beloved Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the nation. Our goal is to ignite mentorship, aspiration, financial scholarship, community and educational enrichment.

Kimberly M. Chapman, Founder of Chapman Foundation, Inc.

“As a black owned and operated business owner, I am determined to give back to our minority students seeking higher education.”


12801150_949440591771462_3977620375282642872_n2 Darren Martin, Executive Director of Chapman Foundation, Inc.

“I believe that we were all created for a purpose, and it is our job to fulfill it while helping the next generation along the way.”

Sammi-150x150Sammi Haynes, Editor-In-Chief of Sheen Magazine

“Sheen Magazine is excited to unite with Chapman Foundation, Inc to impact the lives of minority students attending HBCUs. These phenomenal institutions must survive!”





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